Good Friendship Requires Good Accounting

The problem of resolving debts between friends with a minimal number of transactions has bothered me for a week. I think I've come up with a solution, but a proof is still needed.

A Tin of Baked Beans

A Tin of Baked Beans A short story by Etgar Keret. My own translation.
A man is hungry. All he has at home is a tin of baked beans. Think about it: It's 2 am. He's raving hungry. He has no bread. He has no vegetables. He doesn't even have gas in his kitchen. Just one tin of baked beans.

Minesweeper – The Board

Minesweeper – The Board This is the second in a series of posts explaining the design of a tactile interface to Minesweeper. The first part introduced the background and constraints on the design, and the overall structure of the system. Today I'm going to talk about the game board itself.

Minesweeper – Introduction

Minesweeper – Introduction This is the first of a series of posts about my final project for the 6.115 Microcomputer Project Laboratory, my favourite class at MIT. In this first post, I'll give some background and explain the overall design of the system - a tactile interface to Minesweeper.

Hello, real world!

I’ve had a sudden burst of motivation to improve my online persona from a collection of random pages from the Web to something I’m not ashamed of. I don’t know how long this burst will last, but while it does, this website will be a good place to find out what I’m up to and what I’m interested in.
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