In 2004, I moved with my family to the UK and started working on my A-levels. I was lucky enough to get a place at Cambridge University, and a pre-university placement at Cambridge Consultants.

After a gap-year working on embedded programming for Cambridge Consultants’ XAP line of processors, I started my general engineering degree. For the first two years, I studied all kinds of engineering, from structural engineering to thermodynamics, and settled on what I already knew I liked: electronic and information engineering.

My results in the first two years helped me get on a student exchange to MIT. It replaced my third year in Cambridge (UK) with a year in Cambridge (MA). I used this year to experience as much of MIT’s unique culture as I could: I lived at a co-op called pika (pronounced π-kah), participated in a robotics competition, took some great project classes, and ate a ludicrous number of donuts (or doughnuts).

In my final year at Cambridge, I worked with Professor Zoubin Ghahramani on multi-class classification using binary classifiers.

In October, I’m going to start working at Google as a software engineer.